At Beaufort we represent and focus on the Ownership's interest, drive value and investment returns of a single asset or asset portfolio. Our seasoned & professional asset management team has the fiduciary duty to represent owner interests, realize their respective investment strategy, manage risk and drive owner's equity value.

By working closely with the Tourism Authorities, Local Government, Community Stakeholders, Hotel Brand Operator, Travel Companies and Airlines, we design and deliver a comprehensive Multi Year Strategic Asset Positioning Plan that identifies how to best capitalize on market potential, at the same time taking care to address social and community obligations to provide sustainable solutions. The relationship of trust and transparency with our clients is further cemented by developing the Owners Annual Business Plan, followed by monthly reports, containing strong performance metrics and clear delivery on results oriented strategies.

Beaufort provides an array of management oversight, analysis, and support services for hotel and tourism owners and investors, assisting them in realizing their investment goals. Our asset managers act as an owner's agent or representative to ensure that a hotel or asset is developed or acquired for a reasonable cost/price, and is then operated effectively during the period of ownership; and ultimately is disposed of at an appropriate time and price. Beaufort Asset Management role is the fiduciary responsibility of managing the asset investment to accomplish stated financial objectives and mitigating risks on behalf of ownership.

The Beaufort Asset Management range of services varies and are client specific, however, includes but is not limited to the following deliverables:

  • Asset Life-Cycle Management
  • Concept Development and Under-writing Advice
  • Real Estate and Capital Alignment. Marketing and Financial Feasibility
  • Brand Involvement, Selection and Negotiation
  • Commercial Structure Documentation and Community Agreements
  • Financial and Operational Performance Management
  • Value Enhancement and Project Development Implementation
  • Pre-opening and Opening Management
  • Project and Asset Governance
  • Risk Assessment and Compliance
  • Legal and Commercial Compliance
  • Financial Owner and Operator Dialogue, Operational Reviews and Reporting
  • KPI Setting and Application, Oversight of Budget Process and Execution, Benchmarking Performance
  • Capital Expenditure and Re-investment Projects, Hurdles, Phasing
  • Owners Returns, Cash Flow and Working Capital Optimization
  • Monitoring of the Competitive Micro and Macroeconomic Environment
  • Full Service Owner Representation and Brand Dialogue
  • Portfolio Investment Oversight, Strategic Asset Planning
  • Investment Analysis/ Property Valuation
  • Lender Support/Hotel Receiver/ Distressed Asset Management.